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Light Boxes, Light Clocks, and Canvas Prints
Turn your favorite moments into works of art with our light boxes, light clocks, and gallery-quality canvas prints.
We love to create incredibly stylish pop art portraits, photo collages and photo mosaics — nothing generic or boring!
Give your treasured photos a new life!
Photo Light Box
A custom light box is a great way to bring
your beloved digital photos to your interior.
Light boxes are also an unforgettable
gift for virtually any special occasion.

A light box is not just a photo print: It’s an
amazing lighting fixture that can be hung
on a wall or even placed on a shelf.
Turn on the light of your memories!

Framed Photo Light
Turn a "usual" photo frame into something mind-blowing!

Our tabletop framed photo light is a great combination
of a classic photo frame in oriental style and a light box
with your photo on it!

Each framed photo light requires a power supply. However,
it comes with a switch on its back and a power cord. Our
framed photo lights can stand either horizontally or vertically.

Canvas Prints
Decorate your interior with our gallery quality canvas
photo prints!

We print your photos on canvas and use only the highest-
quality equipment and materials to ensure that your
canvas print stays in perfect condition for many decades.

Make your photos look like a real masterpiece with our
custom canvas prints!

Custom Light Clocks
Have you ever a seen personalized clock that can glow?
We bet you haven’t!
Our photo light clock — which features a beautiful custom
collage — will show-off your love of family and friends, and
it will always give the correct time.

There is nothing more precious than time spent with
the special ones in your life. Emphasize the importance
of these moments with a custom photo light clock!

Pop Art Style
Inspired by five-star works of art, our team
of designers will make astonishing pop art portraits from
your photo collection. Any photo, size, or resolution fits.

With 70 color schemes to choose from, you can find
a perfect design solution for almost any interior.

For a real masterpiece, Pop Art style portraits can be
integrated into our light boxes, light clocks, or canvas prints.

Photo Mosaic
A photo mosaic is a picture made from hundreds
of small photos. Standing close to the mosaic will
allow you to see each photo individually — taking a few
steps back will allow you to enjoy the overall effect.

Mosaics can be printed on a canvas or on a light box.

It’s the perfect gift for an anniversary, jubilee,
or any other special occasion.

Amaze everyone with your creative and personalized gift!
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Our skilled designers are experts at creating
pop art, photo mosaics, and polaroid canvas
prints, light boxes and light clocks.
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